Mini UV Sterilizer Wand

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Mini UV Sterilizer Wand

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This Mini UV Sterilizer Wand is so small you can take it anywhere. It is telescopic, meaning it can be even smaller! The UV light destroys and prevents bacteria from reproducing by breaking its molecular structure. This device comes in two colors; Silver and Rose Gold. Easy to use, just press the button for approx. 2 seconds, the UV light will appear and run for 1 minute and it will then automatically turn off. 

What's the size of the product?

Before telescopic: 1.57 x 0.59 x 5.11 inches (40  x 15 x 130 mm)

After telescopic: 1.57 x 0.59 x 3.14 inches (40 * 15 * 80mm)

How much does the wand weigh?

Approx. 0.12 lbs (55g)

How do you charge the wand?

You can charge it by the provided adapter. When it charges the wand emits red light, once its fully charged the light will turn green. 

What's the wavelength of the LED light?

270 - 280 NM.


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