Portable Paper Soap (Set of 3)

Portable Paper Soap (Set of 3) - Hygieia Products

Portable Paper Soap (Set of 3)

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Have you ever gone to a restroom where there wasn't any soap?

Unfortunately, this issue happens countless times. 

Even during the corona era, we're going through a shortage of hand sanitizers. The importance of washing your hands and being hygienic has been on center stage. 

The portable paper soap is compact and makes it very convenient to take anywhere especially when you're on a camping trip or just traveling. 

Once the soap sheet touches the water it instantly becomes soluble and forms into a rich foam.  

Avoid the danger of transmitting skin diseases due to the indiscriminate use of the same piece of soap and soap dispensers. 

Airport Friendly: Paper soap is not a liquid. You don't have to worry about breaking the liquid oz cap when going through airport security. Save those liquid caps for other essentials, such as shampoo, contact lens solution, etc. 


How Many Times Can I Use The Paper Soap?

Only use 1 sheet per hand wash. Each box consists of 20 sheets. 

How Many Boxes Do I Get?

Each order consists of 3 boxes. Each box contains 20 sheets.

How Much Does It Weigh?

Approximately 12 grams (0.4 oz.)

How compact is it?

7.8 cm X 4.8 cm X 1.2 cm



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