How Does It Work?

The UV Sterilizer Robot has 2 sets UV lights located on top and on the bottom. UV lights had been proven to disinfect 99.99% of germs, mites, bacteria and can also help prevent airborne virus. Each uv lamp has 1500 µW/cm2 per emitter.

How Do I Use The Device?

The UV Sterilizer has three different modes: Handheld Mode, Bed Mode and Under Blanket Mode. 

To turn on the device press and hold the power button for approximately 3 seconds until the blue light appears. 

Under Blanket Mode: Separate the two halves of the robot. Place the wheels on the surface of the bed. Press the power button once to have it run for 30 min, press the power button twice for 60 min. 

Handheld Mode: Put both halves together. Press the power button once, it will turn on the uv-c lights on the bottom. Then use the handle to disinfect desired area.

What's the size of the UV Sterilizer Robot?

It's 5.11 inches x 1.18 inches (130 mm X 30 mm)

How much does the UV Sterilizer Robot weigh?

0.71 lbs (320 grams)

What Does The UV Sterilizer Robot Come With?

Comes with the Sterilizer Robot and a USB charging cable. 

How Do I Clean The Smart UV Sterilizer?

Gently use a damp cloth. 

How Long Will It Take To Charge My Phone With The Device?

Approximately 2  hours.  

How Much Is Shipping?

$0.00. We're offering free shipping. However, customer will be responsible for any additional taxes or custom fees if applicable in your country. 

Can The Smart UV Sterilizer Overheat?

No, there is overheating protection built in the uv sterilizer robot. 

Can you use to sanitize your food, packages?

This is not suitable for food disinfection

Is It Safe?
Yes, its chemical-free. Completely safe around children and pets.

Why Is It Smart?
It has an anti-drop function. It can work by itself or manually. 

What Else Can It Do?
The Smart UV Sterilizer Robot can also charge your phone.





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